Why Celebrate Cultivate?

Even though the end of the year comes every year, it often takes me by surprise. I get swept away by the holidays and wake up in the middle of January with resolutions I suspect I’ll drop by mid-February. I know I’m not alone and I know there has to be an easier, more enjoyable way to transition from one year to the next.

Celebrate Cultivate grew from my desire to slow down and soak up the goodness in this time of year. There is energy and magic in change and transitions, especially when you add reflection and intention to the mix.

We are sharing weekly newsletters in November and December. Our aim is to inspire gentle appreciation and peace through the season. In December the newsletters include daily prompts: ideas for celebrating this year and cultivating more of what you want. Email subscribers will receive the prompts a week in advance. We will also release the prompts daily on Instagram.

This is not meant to be another challenge or item to cross off your to-do list. How and when and where you participate is up to you. You can share a photo and caption daily on Instagram, post essays on your blog, write in your journal. You can take a photo a day or simply meditate on the prompts that resonate.

We invite you to follow @celebratecultivate and share your journey with the hashtag #wecelebratecultivate.

Kaileen Sues